Client Services

Areas of Concern

- Self-Settling

- Sleeping through the night

- Unhappy to go bed

- Day time rest periods/day naps 

- Discard bottles, Dummy’s and/or comforters

- Stronger routines 

- Sleep Transition arrangements (cot to bed, own room)

- Separation anxiety

- Preparing your child for your return to work

- Night terrors

- Nightmares 

- Early Risers 

- Return from holiday sleep trouble

- Feeding to sleep (breast or bottle)

- Moving to own bedroom

- Adjusting to a new sibling

- Calmer parenting techniques

- Parenting the strong willed child

If your concern is not listed in the above services list and you are unsure if your concern can be helped, call A Parents' Wish to discuss. 

Sleep allows our children to grow, stay healthy, learn and grow.

Children of all ages can need some assistance with sleep or the lead up to bedtime. 

There is so much information available, it can be really overwhelming to know what is right for your child and family. 

Parenting can be so much harder than imagined. It helps to have someone discuss your situation and concerns with you.