A Parents' Wish



A Parents’ Wish specialises in listening, understanding and working with you to make your parenting wish a reality. 

We know that at times parenting can be hard and certain behaviours/sleep patterns can create stress for the entire family. A Parents’ Wish was created to assist families develop a stronger understanding of their child’s behaviour and sleep patterns. Making your parenting easier to ensure the whole family enjoys every precious moment.


A Parents' Wish adopts a holistic view for each family and help improve your child’s sleep and/or behaviour using a variety of techniques and methods that are tailored to what suits your family’s needs.   

Each child is unique and extraordinary. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach that suits every child. At A Parents' Wish we know each family have different parenting styles, beliefs and personalities. Therefore, all advice and plans are tailored to suit your individual family's needs.

About Melissa



As a mother of two, a childcare educator, nanny and a kindergarten teacher, a qualified sleep consultant I understand that being a parent is both wonderfully rewarding but at times extremely challenging. 

Over many years, I have been given the privilege and opportunity to work closely with families who have been struggling with their child’s behaviour or had sleep related concerns. 

I was privileged to be a nanny for many different families and work with foster care children before I became a childcare educator. I worked closely  with babies, toddles, pre-kinders and their families. I developed a strong understanding of children’s behaviours and thought processes.  With a strong desire to deepen my knowledge and understanding of children's behaviour, I completed my Bachelor of Education and another Bachelor of Teaching. 

As a kinder teacher, I assisted children enhance their knowledge and prepare for school. I also was able to work closely with children who had additional needs, were in the  foster care system and children who had been exposed to abuse. 

Both my own children suffered from extreme sleep Apnea which encouraged me to further extend my knowledge about the importance of sleep. 

I have always had a strong passion for helping families and from this passion A Parents' Wish was created. 

Let me help you, your child and your family today.